How to organize a proper Music festival

So many people nowadays wish to organize a big event like festival or party that go on for days, however the truth is that the willing to make it great is not enough anymore, you now need to make sure you are picking the right place, inviting the right artists/guests, ensuring you are following the rules etc. There is so much to think about that by the time your Festival starts will probably be too tired to enjoy it, so get someone to help you with that!

As diversify and festivals continue to reproduce, finding a spot in the marketplace is now an increasingly daunting endeavor. Today, festivals take place on foreign shores and local fields, in converted fortresses and city centers. Others survive many days; a couple runs over a day. Some organizers choose a plunder bund of big name acts; some, by design or accident, stick to lesser-known artists. In a nutshell, there’s a more alternative than ever, and with more variants come more threats. Place, lineup, layout, actions of God – the procedure is a walk in the park when compared to a moonlit dash using a minefield. Ace it, and kudos – and a meager gain – are yours if you’re incredibly fortunate.

Where to place it, the best way to finance it, who to reserve, what to do when things out of the blue go belly up – to reception from concept, here’s a complete guide to the procedure. As with preceding guides to beginning a record label and running a club night, the comments within is varied, energetic and sometimes at odds, but you won’t locate a more seasoned group, as advisory panels go.

With the coming of good weather, outside occasions are multiplying. Summer and spring are perfect times to coordinate outside occasions. We would like to concentrate on musical events and more particularly in the summertime, so common in music festivals. It is extremely crucial that you think about several variables which will favor the development of the occasion when arranging a festival. Pay attention to such tips.

Examine attentively the spot at which the occasion will be carried out by you. Think about all its advantages and disadvantages and the features of that place. Make a difference by picking an exclusive and unique space and keep in thoughts the visual, sound and light need.
Hire a professional team that is suitable to guide you as well as allow you to arrange different audiovisual gear and also all the materials. In such occasions, technology is essential. You need displays, lights, speakers, stage design, among other systems and quality audio gear.
You’ll additionally have sufficient staff to encourage the development of the occasion, from audiovisual technicians, well-being, security staff, volunteers and food and drink services.

Develop the occasion both social networks, online and through your website. These tools are fundamental for forwarding strategy of the occasion assemblies of supporters, with competitions, updated info, and for the later period, to gather assess results and evaluations, views.
Delegate, prioritize tasks, arrange your festival ahead of time and establishes deadlines.

Respect the environment and develops activities and sustainable strategies to minimize the effect on the surroundings.
All these are merely some of the items which you need to consider when arranging a music festival. So that you need to have a big team to assist you to arrange and develop every one of these facets, it’s not an easy job.

The production costs will be covered by the ticket cost with no corporate patrons on site, only gifted artists. It’s like a pick-your-own-adventure novel but with music.


We want to officially thank our great partner who looked after the electrical part behind the scenes, and provided us with all the electricians needed during the organization, without them it would never be easy to make it work.

In case you wind up attending, you’ll be free to roam through the rooms the historic radio, at Funkhaus Studios recording studios of the prior German Democratic Republic, and encounter crazy music performances occurring concurrently.

We’re there.

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